Sutton McKee

Screenwriter. Director. Producer.




Sutton McKee is a screenwriter and director based in Los Angeles, CA. Sutton recently acquired the life and book rights to the autobiographical novel, LIFE IN THE FISHBOWL, by Tegan Broadwater. LIFE IN THE FISHBOWL is the true story of how a white cop infiltrated and took down fifty one of the nation’s more notorious CRIPS. A Texas native, Sutton grew up just a few miles from where the events in the book took place. He is currently working on developing the book into a television series.

Last year Sutton wrote and directed the Sci-Fi short, RIPPLE, based on a feature screenplay he wrote by the same name. Sutton also produced the feature film SURVIVING CONFESSION, which was acquired by California Pictures and is set to release in May.

Along with his film work, Sutton has directed and produced a wide variety of commercials for companies all over the world including, India, Africa, Indonesia, Paraguay, Mexico and the United States. Sutton graduated from Texas Tech University with a major in film and dramatic writing. 




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