Sutton McKee is a screenwriter, director and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in Arlington, Texas, Sutton discovered his love for writing and storytelling at a young age. When he was in second grade, his class was given an assignment to write and illustrate their own children's book. Little did he know, this would be the seed that would later grow into his future career. Around age 12, Sutton discovered an old video camera in his parent's closet. From then on, when he wasn't at school or working, he was always shooting something. Skate videos, MTV spoofs, silly short films, Sutton would fill up tape after tape, editing with two old VCRs he found in the garage. Upon graduating from high school Sutton's grandparents and parents teamed up to buy him a laptop and brand-new Sony camera to take to college and continue creating as a filmmaker.

Sutton attended Texas Tech University, where he studied visual communication and dramatic writing. He dove head first into everything film at Texas Tech; writing, directing and producing countless projects with classmates and friends. Sutton would often go to class and work all day, then meet his buddies at a local 24-hour taco shop, where they would write all night or prep for their next shoot. Before graduation, Texas Tech asked to put on a showcase screening of Sutton's favorite projects created during his tenure in school. Sutton chose two dark comedy shorts, a sci-fi and crime thriller short, and a feature length documentary to present.

Sutton then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television. Shortly after arriving in LA, he met legendary cinematographer, Bruce Logan. Sutton collaborated with Bruce on several web and short form projects, gaining experience and sharpening his skills. While navigating his way through the film and TV industry in LA, he began directing and producing commercials and industrials for companies all over the world including, India, Africa, Indonesia, Paraguay, Mexico and the United States.

Sutton wrote and directed two short films based on his feature screenplays, RIPPLE and PUSHED, which are presently in a limited festival run while being shopped as feature films. As a writer, he has several other feature and pilot scripts in various stages of development with Vortexian Media. Sutton also recently acquired the rights to the autobiography, LIFE IN THE FISHBOWL by Tegan Broadwater, and has adapted it into a television series, with Scott Bernstein (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON) attached to produce. 



The true story of how a white cop infiltrated and took down 51 of the nation’s most dangerous CRIPS, followed by the cartel supplying them.


A girl is unknowingly sent to a parallel dimension, in which she can not survive, by a scientist thought to have killed his wife


A woman shows up to her family’s house for Thanksgiving with a secret.


Based on true events, Beer Baron is the story of a German immigrant family and the quest to keep their brewery alive during the rise of corporate beer brewing in a post Civil War America.


A single mother’s life changes dramatically when her husband leaves her for another woman. She seeks to get back on her feet and rediscover herself with the help of a new friend.


A dark comedy, murder mystery series set in the Scottish Isles. 


THE MARKO is an international heist film that follows six of the world’s greatest thieves, as they compete to inherit the legacy of the most notorious heister to ever live.


A series about a small Texas border town and a group of men and women who have taken it upon themselves to “defend" it.


Two college students build a machine that enables them to teleport anywhere they want to go. The problem is, it is only a one way trip.